Your Spirit Name: In case you wondered

Wally Chartrand

Teaching from Wally Chartrand.

In case you’ve ever wondered… Spirit names… Many years ago when I was new to the circle I would hear others introduce themselves by their Spirit names… And it made me wonder what the heck that was all about!!! Today when I introduce myself by acknowledging my spirit name as “Soaring Eagle” … We are told that we all have spirit helpers and by introducing myself in this way that I’m acknowledging that I need guidance so that my words come out in a way that they do not misguide or hurt anyone… After all it’s not my intent to hurt or misguide others, but again I’m only a human being…
Our spirit name also helps define our character and personality… Who we will become as a human being… “Soaring Eagle”.. I know that I have a big heart therefore I’ve come to love others, life and myself… (Might be why I’m forever falling in love, lol jk)… An eagle when it soars is resting, allowing the wind to carry it… I’ve come to learn that I too need a rest from time to time and that’s it’s ok to allow others to carry me along my journey I call my life… Like a soaring eagle I’m beginning to learn that I need to see everything before I jump to conclusions…

In case you’ve ever wondered (part 2)… Clans… I belong to the Loon Clan… I’ve come to understand that the Loon Clan is the chieftain clan of all the clans… (Probably explains why I can get so bossy sometime… Lol)… Anytime I’m in a leadership opportunity I understand that I need to take great care… With any kind of leadership comes great responsibility… As a leader it’s important to lead by example, to be truthful and honest and most of all to do it in a humble way! It also can take great courage to lead others sometime…. These are some qualities we all look for when others are in leadership positions ..

In case you’ve ever wondered (part3)… Spirit Helpers… My spirit helpers are the black bear and the black wolf… Our spirit helpers are exactly what the tittle implies, they are there to help us along our journey… Anytime I’ve experienced distress of any kind, it’s that black bear that’s comes to protect me… She is my protection medicine!!! That black wolf when we are ready, is the one I most often call upon to take our grief, hurts and sorrows away… To take it somewhere where it will be safe and for it to not hurt anyone else… Because they are both black, I know that I am at my most powerful during the night time…

In case you’ve ever wondered (part 4)… Colours… My medicine colours are red, white, yellow and blue… I draw all of my medicines from the sky beings, the water beings and the earth beings… When I hang my tobacco ties, it’s through these colours that I identify myself to the spirit helpers, to the Creator… That its me asking for healing, guidance or strength of any kind…

In case you’ve ever wondered… Conclusion… Having our spirit name, knowing who our clan is, knowing our spirit helpers and having our colours is not because we want to be cool… They represent who we are, who we wish to become, and how we are to be guided to being the human being we will become… It speaks to the relationships we have with the Creator, with others, our Mother Earth, the crawly ones, the 4 legged, the winged ones, the ones that live in our waters… And with ourselves…. Meegwetch


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