Society and the Scary Indigenous folk

What is frightening to the main stream establishment when it comes to Indigenous folk? What really scares the ruling authority about Indians/natives?

I bet you think the answer is an educated Indigenous person.

Sure education, institutional education is an asset. An asset to anyone. That is not what scares the high up decision makers and security agents.

Nope it goes back to the thinking of old police, clergy, business and government types. Ask yourself what was the main thing did to the Indigenous folk?

They separated them from their beliefs; their homes; their collective; their way of life. Sure they engaged in the tried and true methods of force. Force works much of the time but it doesn’t eliminate the problem. You think force has worked in places like Afghanistan, or against the Basque, the Chechen? Look at where they are facing now.

Force is not always the answer. Especially when the people forced on them have a solid foundation of who they are.

Sam Steele was on of those old thinkers and a hero in the eyes of Canada. He was active in influencing Canada’s war on Indians and their way of life; their belief system. In his words, you can’t have the young Indians getting stirred up with war stories of the Old Warriors. He and the establishment were afraid of the continued knowledge from the Old ones to the young ones. Canada and the U.S. made it against their laws to maintain a way of life; a belief system.

You see it is not the educated Indian that society is scared of. It is the Traditional Indian. The Indian who has a firm and solid knowledge of who they are. The Indian can not get that foundation from the institutional education system. They can only get it from the Teachers, the Elders.  That is the greatest fear for the establishment. You can’t crush a people who have a solid base, a solid identity.

The Christian Indian is good for the establishment. They do not have the solid foundation of who they are. I mean how could they? They sing the songs of a foreign land, a foreign people, a foreign life. Hosanna in the highest; what is that to Indigenous folk? Good for them they can walk in the established society. Although they are broken but living. For the rest of the Indigenous folk  it doesn’t work.

Establishment is smart. It doesn’t stay there by not being active. So its not in establishments interest if Indigenous folk have a solid knowledge of who they are. They see the lessons being played out in other lands.

That is the biggest fear of society. An Indigenous people confident and sure of who they are.


“All man are the same except for their belief in their own selves, regardless of what others may think of them”
Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: 



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