Indian on Indian Love & Hate


This is making some waves on the Indian facebook pages.


He did the same thing to me publicly when I first started, now he’s turned his attention to another young brother starting to do big things in NDN CMDY.

I’ve said it (privately) for 8 years, he did this to me when I started standup – fuck this guy. He’s taken his turn doing this to any Native comedian that comes up next.

Here’s everyone’s NDN comedy hero. Here’s proof, you won’t see it on his wall, he’s deleted it. Y’all decide.


I am not sure of the situation here. I don’t know the Chad being talked about. From what I understand he is native born but not brought up native but by Two White parents. I guess his identity is questioned.  I can see that but feel bad for those with  being raised in a non-Indigenous home. It does influence how you see the world and how you think. Still its not their fault. Many of our people have been lost with the way the world sought to get “rid of the Indian problem”.

I sometimes wonder how people judge me. If you don’t know me would you call me “Apple”, “Whiteman”? I wonder sometimes.  I have no control over someone else’s judgement.

This may be just a case of professional jealousy?

You know what this is not a new or isolated case. This happens everywhere and with almost everyone. In our Province the Leadership organizations do the same thing; The Metis, Southern, Northern, Urban and Regional Leaders seem to mar each other’s activities.  Anyway, it gets kind of petty after a while.




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