Its Beige Babe, Its Beige.

“I don’t see colour”.

‘In the visible spectrum, white reflects light and is a presence of all colors, but black absorbs light and is an absence of color. Black can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye.’

If you don’t see colour you must see Black.  That’s cool.

I see colour and I love it!

I love the Red houses of the Canada’s East Coast – New FoundLand

The coloured houses of the Greek.

The different colour of people. The colour of their eyes.


Why would you not want to see colour.

I feel sorry for all those houses in the cities and all the suburbs that are painted beige. As a colour its okay but its beige baby, its beige.


Finally I feel bad for those poor folk who say “I don’t see colour”. What do they see?


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