Desperation Display Dying

Quảng Đức is a person you know very well. You may not know it but you have seen him numerous times. Quảng Đức is one of those people who does something , so shocking, so horrible so selfless you would never forget.

We can never know how far a desperate person is willing to go to have their voice heard. We wonder out loud how in the heck can a person strap a bomb to their body, blow themselves up; killing kids women the elderly and the unknown? We wonder what it must be like to tie a rope around your neck and tighten it until you blackout and ultimately die?  We can never know how desperate you have to be to send your family away to the unknown in a chance they may be able to live? We can never know what it takes to risk your life to leave your home family and go where you don’t know if you will survive?

We use labels to normalize, canonize or demonize those who acts of desperation are on display.

Some acts of display are pleas for change, for help, for someone to hear. We are seeing it more and more when people of colour are being killed by those that are to protect and keep the peace. We are seeing acts of desperation for the Earth as people are scared that it is being killed. We see people going to  fast in a public display.  Does it get noticed? Maybe its a display and not desperation?

Wonder what desperation will make us go out and display. For some of us that display is going to be the matter of dying.

We are seeing it in those that have no quality of life; living with terminal outlook and pain. For some of us it is just a moment of pain that we don’t feel that we will be able to get over.

So we decide to go over  to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, we put up a poster, we invite the media, we get in front of the camera and say that we are tired. We are tired of ___________.  Does anyone take notice?

For others it will be the last act of desperation and to display our death. We will go there and hang our self in a bathroom or maybe on the fence that is surrounding the building. Maybe someone will take notice?


He burned himself 

Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on 11 June 1963

Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on 11 June 1963

Quảng ĐứcQuảng Đức



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