Buying Happiness

Some Arsehole just paid 49 million for a ring. That’s insane. Isn’t that just wild. The man named the new bought ring, Blue Moon of Josephine.  Know what is also crazy the auction house in one day had 140 million in sales.  I realize its not nice or even cool to begrudge someone’s good fortune but come on now, 49 million dollars for a ring?  I guess its really about context. I guess for him 49 million is like 49 bucks or maybe four thousand nine hundred for regular folk. Still a lot of money for a ring. A ring?



Sorry not wanting to depress anyone with that little tidbit of junk news. Its not going to really have any consequence to any of us?  Oh speaking of oodles of cash, the market season is upon us. Christmas shopping is in the air. Trees are standing tall in the stores, people have purchased strings of coloured lights to put up on their eavestroughs. We are counting paydays (those of you that have paydays) until the third week of December. Or maybe you are one of those prudent shoppers and will wait until after the third week to do your shopping. In other words the cheap ones (I think the smart ones).

Some folk can’t stand the market driven holiday.  My wife and the kids love it. I can take it or leave it. Of course as a kid I loved it too. I mean if you really can love a day anyway. It wasn’t really the day that made it special for me. It was my Mom. We have a big family. Like most families in the 1950s 60s and 70s the cash was not readily flowing. Still it was the surprise and the receiving of a gift that was cool. What made it really special was the cooking my Mom did. It was all of those things together. My Mom made us gift bags of candy. The Japanese orange in a bag along with nuts and candies. I still see my Moms handwriting on each of the brown paper bags with our names on them. Mom did buy us lot of happiness. Not really the cash or the market side of things but the memories that we have of those times.

I want those memories or kind of memories for my grandchildren. Not just the buying with cash kind.

Although cash thinks its king, It really isn’t.


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