Justin Trudeau – Buyers Remorse

The mighty Harper regime was taken down by the people of Canada. Canada’s new Champion has the country cheering, and people dancing in the streets. Lot of promises have been made.  So everyone is eager to see how the Liberals and Justin perform. Now the new era begins. Or you may think it is old era back in power.

In the US eight years ago the election of Obama was met with real excitement and optimism. He had the slogan “Yes We Can”.  Of course Trudeau didn’t get the people that crazy excited. He did however make some good promises.

There are very very heavy expectations on the Trudeau train. Whether “he’s just not ready”, “ready or not here he comes”. There are some hopes that he will do good things. So many things to do an only four years to make change. Where to start?

For Indigenous people, the promise of getting clean water is a good start. The two percent cap that the Liberals imposed on Native education is still in place. The spy bill (Bill C51) is one that has the majority of Canada worried. The environmental laws stripped by Harper is  another start. The attacks of Charitable agencies, the attack of science, the Veterans, the CBC, the many omnibus bills, the media muzzles and so on. Where to start?

People have high expectations.  The Aboriginal lobby groups were nutted under Harper. The AFN and regional groups were exposed to how impotent they are when it comes to lobbying for Aboriginal Rights. A lobby group collective sigh of relief was audible all across Canada when Justin raised his hands in victory. I imagine the Resource sector also did a smooth whistle when he got in as well. So Where to start?

Justin and the people of Canada are high right now. They have high expectations but with that high there always, always comes the hangover. People get a second sober look and we’re not talking Second House look – Senate.

Justin right now has the new car smell. His seats are soft and the steering crisp and tight. However, we don’t know if there will be  a recall. We don’t know if and when that buyer’s remorse will hit. That is the thing about getting the new, we don’t know what the flaws are.

So until or if that happens, just enjoy the ride and hope, just hope the sales pitch had truth in it. Truth in advertising.



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