Shake Tent Man: John Red

I never did trust that guy cause he has those shifty eyes.  Its not that I even know him or anything. He’s never done me no wrong.  But I think there are lot of shady characters out here in Indian land. The number of Healers out here is staggering. I even see them advertising on the Facebook.  Me I think we need to flush them out are at least gossip about them. That’s one thing I do really good, its gossiping. Heading out the ceremony to see if there is any Jazz in this guy’s ceremony.

The bush road is well traveled on.  Lot of people go out to this area for ceremony and whatever. The Jeescan is going to be staring soon.  This guy, this Jeescan-inini is going to conjure the Spirits to answer people’s queries. I’m skeptical. Not of the Spirits because they are real. I’ve seen them. But this guy, this guy with the shifty eyes. All  cool with the girls and shit. Man, it burns me that some guys just appear on the  scene and are full of the power to call the Spirits. I like being in the bush. Quiet out here. This time of year its great, all the colours and the leaves crunching under your feet. One thing I know to do when heading to a ceremony where I don’t know the players is to keep some sage in my shoes.  That is my protection but I don’t let the people know. Or sometimes when I am in strange territory I add some gopher dust just like Crazy Horse use to do when he went into battle with the U.S. Calvary.  Oh here we are at the Shake tent site. A few cars here. Holy,  someone is driving an Audi 8.  Cool. Some rich big shot with a nice car out here in the bush.

The Shake Tent is up and the Fire is going good. People are ready for the show. John Red is the Shake Tent man.  I wonder how he is going to communicate  with the Spirits?  I always thought that Shake Tent were done by people with no kids? Heard this guy is a baby maker all over. But what do I know anyway?  Guess this guy must have the goods or people wouldn’t come out.  It reminds of this Elder back home, that guy was a real Jeeski-inini, Shake Tent man. I once saw him go in to fight the Black evil. He took his weapons in with him. It was awesome. I kind of wonder how the Shake tent works. Is the guy going to kick at the tent poles to make it shake? How will be when the Spirits come into the tent or even if they come in?

Shake Tent John Red is in the tent now. It is quite interesting how its set up; about six feet tall and three to four feet round at the  bottom and  coming to a smaller point at top but it has about a foot opening at the top. The tent is tied around with rope and there is a cedar tree or branch sticking out the top. I can hear the bells tie onto the Shake Tent as it starts to shake. John Red is singing and  I can’t hear anything else. John’s a good singer.  Thought I would hear the Spirits coming in by now,  but just hear the tent shaking?  Must be quiet Spirits. Wonder which ones are shaking the tent?

Oh wait, the tent is stopping. People are gathered around waiting to see. Its dead quiet. The wait for John Red is taking for ever. How come he’s not saying anything?  Maybe someone should yell out to him in the tent? Ah, that big shot guy is going to the tent. I think he used to a politician or maybe a judge; not sure but he’s dressed really nice. I like his shirt and jacket. The beadwork on his jacket is cool. Its that floral type that Ojibway and Cree make.

John Red is not answering.  I wonder if someone could take a peak.  I don’t know are you allowed to look inside the tent?  Hey, the Big Shot is opening the front of the tent. Those Big Shots think they own the whole place.

Hey what’s happening? The Big Shot is dragging out John Red out of the tent. People are screaming and now it looks like John is not getting up.  Wait, the Big Shot is slamming on John Red. What the heck.

Me: “Hey! Leave that guys alone! Let him go I said.  I’m fucking telling you, let him go!”

Big Shot: “He’s not breathing! Help me!”

Mass chaos going on, people are screaming gathering around, everyone wants to help or to see.  It looks like John Red is dead!  I can’t believe it.  What the hell happened in that tent? It was shaking like its suppose to and then nothing.  Did the Spirits come and take John Red?  Did he do something wrong?  I mean I heard that he used his ceremony to try and snag White women, maybe that’s what happened.

Big Shot: “He’s gone.”



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