Wow! That’s Crazy Amazing Fantastic! How? Where did you get the inspiration?

My head hurts.  Damn mixing wine with brewskis will do that. I’m not as young as I used to be. Still my Ass is looking fine I think me. What? Who’s calling me?

“Mikaa, that is just crazy awesome! How in the world did you come up with such a cool concept?”

Mikaa:  “What?”

Randi: “That design on your big window of your Mom’s house?”

Mikaa: “Oh that.  Well.  I had a vision.  I know a Vision, me right?”  “Anyways I had a vision.  It didn’t come to me right away. I was fasting for 6 or 9 days. Just having liquid.  No food.  At least I don’t remember having food. Anyways I was seeing this thing. It was wild, it was frightening. It was fast strong and colourful. Then I heard the loud clap of Thunder. It was the Thunderbirds singing to me with the voice that no one can hear without the Spirits guiding you. That’s where it started to come from. I saw the Trees crying for me to hear. I saw the Wind dancing and I moved with the Wind in the dance. And the Fire, yes the fire. It engulfed me whole. It was like it lit my lungs with gasoline. The rocks started to roar. They roared almost as loud as the Thunderbirds. I floated in the fluffy white arms of the Thunderbird wings with the wind dancing around me. The words came to me. Telling me, showing me what I must do. Telling me of my journey to come.”

Randi: “Holy shit Mikaa!  That’s wild. That’s like totally Adam Beach in the Smoke Signals movie.  Did you see anything else?”

Mikaa: “What? You mean  seeing a huge bird breathing fire in a tornado is not enough? Of course I saw other stuff. But I have to keep it for my journey.”

Randi: “So what you going to do now?”

Geez that Randi sure is a nosy gullible girl. No wonder none of the cousins hang around with her. I need a drink so just going to have to take off home in a couple of minutes. My damn headache is killing me. I still don’t know what the heck Randi is asking me about.

Mikaa: “Okay Randi, I’ll catch later okay?”

Randi: “K, Cuz”

Man, my head hurts, what the hell anyway.  Maybe some Wiikay at Mom’s will fix it. If not a brewski at Aunties might help.

Mikaa: “Mom! What happened to the window?”

Mom: “Oh, a damn Seagull was chasing a damn plastic bag in the air. The bag got stuck on the Seagulls head and it couldn’t see where it was going. it crashed head first into the window and cracked it all up. Look at the those cracks. And the blood and feathers stuck all over the window. Seems like there is a lot of little people on our window.  Looks like someone painted a Norval Morrisseau mural on our window. And where in the heck were you all this time?”

Mikaa: “Don’t really know. I think I was drinking for a couple of weeks. Think I was up at the back of rubbie point. Lucky thing it didn’t rain or I would have got wet.”

Mom: “What? It was heavy storm the last few days. Wild wind, heavy rain, lightening, thunder. And you slept outside?”

Mikaa: “Oh”  04-10-ArtListingMorrisseau-300x199


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