Go Back In Time and Fix It

Many of you must grapple with Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and the Time travel phenomenon. To me the idea is too complicated to think about the semantics of time travel. You know the deep questions. I like the easy Star Trek time travel scenarios. You know? Just travel and go places, like the corner store to pick up a pack of smokes for your Granny, who smokes like a bar fly.  Anyway, there is always the wish to go back in time and fix the mistakes. Oh yeah a friend of mine said you don’t go and have to fix anything because of all those parallel universes.  You know like the movie with Jet Li, I think it was called The One. Where he was going to all those universes and killing his other self and taking their power. Anyway I’m not going to go there.

For some its the big fixes. Like going back in time and killing Hitler while he is just starting out. Or going back in time and stopping the first “H-bomb”.  Me I always think about going back in time ten seconds and not letting that car ahead of me into my lane. You know why?  Because they didn’t give the “wave”.  You know the wave when you do the courteous thing and let people in and you think they will appreciate your kind and generous gift?  The ingrates. If I could go back in time just that ten seconds I would push up to the next car  and slow right down. But when they give you the wave. You feel so good. But sometimes they wave just a little too much. You know what I mean?  I mean Man, I didn’t give them the keys to my car or my first born son?  What’s up with the over board wave. If I could go back in time ten seconds I would, just cause they forced the wave a little too much. My wife always gives me heck because I’m one of those guys that opens my window, sticks my arm up high and gives a big wave. She says “they didn’t give you a Noble prize did they?”

Oh yeah, going back in time. Really I think I would want to go back and fix my mistakes. Those are the ones we think about and the mistakes we regret.  I would go back and talk to the young me. Try to get me to listen and not be such an Arse, such a stubborn selfish ASS.  My wife says the young you wouldn’t listen to old you. Probably slap the old you.  She made me laugh so hard.

People say its our experiences and our mistakes that make us who we are today. That maybe so, but I still would risk being some else to correct those mistakes and have those regrets.


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