“You shot her! You shot her in the head!”

“You shot her! You shot her in the head!”

“I know, I know”

“Bird, what the heck, Man? You shouldn’t have done that.”

Bird. “Yeah, well I don”t really feel bad about it. I mean what the fuck for?”

Me. “Its not right man, Its not right!”

I look at her head and the amount of damage is incredible.I think the bullet entered below the right eye.  A big piece of the skull has been blown away. Weird though, not that much blood loss.

Bird. “Aw quit it already. I know you’re one of those guys.”

I didn’t know what Bird was talking about. I mean what the hell he means, I’m one of those guys?  What kind of guys? All I know is that I don’t like what he did. I am mad. That fucking Bird. Always doing dumb shit. Now I have to help him.

Bird. “Okay maybe I could have thought about it before I shot her. So you going to help me or what?”

Me. “Help you? Help  you? I should just leave you here and you clean it up.”

Bird. “Don’t be like that.  Tell you what. I’ll light a smoke, will that make you happy?”

Me. “That’s the least you can do. Yeah do that.”

Bird. “You holy roller powwow guys are all the same. Every little thing is a big deal. You think things will come back on you. You got to be watchful for everything.”

Bird lights up a cigarette and puffs on it, not inhaling but just puffing the smoke in the air. I like that he at least knows to do that. Maybe Bird is not the most sensitive guy in the Rez, but at least he knows enough to realize how serious “us guys” take that shit. I mean, you have to follow some way, right?

Its kind of chilly out here. I watch his cigarette smoke rise quickly in the cool morning air. We were out here for a few hours now and the sun was about an hour up in the sky. So we should get to it and get out before we get too tired. As he finishes his cigarette I take the moment to acknowledge the Creator and say Thanks for the life. Bird made sure the smoke was for the Creator and not a smoke for his lung’s pleasure.

Bird. “Okay Joe, you grab those legs and spread them.  I’ll start cutting from there.”

Me.  “Bird next time think before you shoot. Its not right to kill a doe. You should only take Bucks.”


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