`Booshoo Neechies: Hello Friends

Hey, guess what?  I have a new blog. Cool eh?

It is going to be about the coolest people on the damn planet!  Indigenous!

That’s right Indians, Natives, Aboriginals, First Nations, American Indians, Inuit, Metis and all those good names we are called. Yeah, I am a Native person.  Well actually I am Anishinaabe other wise known as Ojibwe or even Saulteaux.  But you can call me Steve.  I do have an “Indian Name” but I reserve that name for Ceremonial Gatherings.

So what is this blog going to be about?  Good question, as I am not sure as well. I did a blog on google for about five years and well, it was an experience. I thought it was a good blog but turned out it was only a place to air out my dirty shorts.  So I thought “Hey”, why don’t you have a fresh start?” I mean what the heck eh? We change our clothes everyday.  I know some of us have that three day rule, where you keep wearing the same clothes for three consecutive days.  Maybe we shorten to two days in the summer but in the end we start new. So I think that is what today is.

Today I will start a blog. It will be the coolest damn blog on the planet. Maybe not this planet but a planet out there somewhere. After all wasn’t Pluto considered the smallest planet for years,then changed to be an Ice Ball and I think a planet again.

I would like to write about Native folk, the Indigenous.  I think they are so darn cool. You will find that there is much they have to offer. Some very funny people those Native folk. Very smart too. Sexy and humble as well.

So come along and follow me as we go ahead on this new adventure. It won’t bring you fame and friendship, but wait maybe it will bring you friendship. I mean I’m a pretty friendly fellow.


See you.




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